Electrical profiles of Graded-Ge SiGe films: A New ALPro Capability
November 30, 2023
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DHEM & Atom Probe combined provide never-seen-before insights and process efficiencies

Scotts Valley, CA February 25, 2024 

ALP Inc.’s Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) technique is fast gaining traction in semiconductor material analysis. Here, one of our research partners presents complementary analysis of DHEM (which provides electrical parameter profile data on the activated material) with Atom Probe Tomography (Atom Probe or APT) (which provides physical and chemical 3D mapping of dopants) on activation loss in phosphorus-implanted polycrystalline silicon.

After implant and annealing, APT revealed increased segregation of Phosphorus in grain boundaries vs grain interiors. DHEM was used to directly measure carriers and compare the measured activation ratios in the two regions. See snippet from the article below.

DHEM is the only technique that directly measures active dopant concentration, mobility and resistivity depth profiles through semiconductor layers at sub-nm depth resolution.

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