Spreading Resistance Profiling (SRP) vs Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) with TSRI: New data published at FCMN 2022
June 29, 2022
Journal of Material Science: Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) used to analyze BF2 and P doped ultra-shallow polySi materials with TSRI.
September 5, 2022
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Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) of UV-laser annealed for 3D-stacked CMOS with SCREEN/LASSE

Scotts Valley, CA July 15, 2022 

SCREEN/LASSE recently published new ALPro(TM) 100 DHEM data in Applied Physics Express on the application of microsecond UV-laser anneal technology.

ALP’s Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) provides sub-nm resolution resistivity, mobility and, carrier depth profiles of semiconductors. This data uniquely captures the impact of process changes to the electrical nature of the semiconductor material.

In this paper, The solid phase epitaxial regrowth (SPER) condition was realized by SCREEN/LASSE’s UV laser annealing technology in As-implanted SOI samples. ALPro(TM) 100 DHEM data determined that activation levels for both the conditions were high (>70%) for both conditions with some notable differences in near-surface activation and activation nearer to the metallurgical junction.

DHEM is the only technique that can measure the complete set of electrical profiles needed (i.e: resistivity, mobility and carrier profiles) that allow process groups to rapidly optimize process conditions, and provide details of changes in carrier profiles with high fidelity and with sub-nm profiling accuracy.

ALPro(TM) 100 is the most advanced DHEM system on the market. ALPro(TM) 100 can be used to evaluate many semiconductor materials including Si, SiGe, Ge, and power/RF materials.

Additional studies can be found here: alpinc.net/news

Please let us know if you would like a pre-print of the above Applied Physics Express publication.