Journal of Material Science: Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) used to analyze BF2 and P doped ultra-shallow polySi materials with TSRI.
September 5, 2022
MRS Advances: Paper on completeness and validation of DHEM profile data
March 30, 2023
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241 ECS: In-depth comparison of Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) with Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) on highly doped Silicon epi materials with imec.

Scotts Valley, CA November 17, 2022 

The 241 ECS meeting published interesting new data in joint paper by imec and ALP. The paper is a comprehensive comparison of ALPro(TM) 100 DHEM profiles with Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) data. It also has an in-depth analysis of the behavior of post-TiN anneals on SiP carriers.

SSRM provides spreading resistance profile data which is converted to carrier profiles via calibration. On the other hand, ALP’s Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) measures resistivity, mobility and carrier profiles that are collected using Van der Pauw/Hall Effect measurements.

Additionally, the ALPro 100 DHEM system provides sub-nm depth resolution which allows for complete analysis and process optimization of semiconductor materials needed for next generation CMOS devices.

ALPro 100 can also be used to evaluate many semiconductor materials including Si, SiGe, Ge, and power/RF materials and is the most advanced DHEM system on the market.

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