Invited presentation: Characterization of Annealing and Dopant Activation Processes Using Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) (239th ECS, May 2021)
June 5, 2021
Applied Materials uses Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) to understand activation and deactivation in ultra-highly doped n-type Epitaxy
July 13, 2021
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IWJT 2021 publication on dopant activation in Si using Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM)

Scotts Valley, CA June 25, 2021ALP recently published an interesting set of profiles on very highly doped SiP materials at the 20th International Workshop on Junction Technology (IWJT2021) conference

ALP’s Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) provides sub-nm resolution resistivity, mobility and, carrier profiles of semiconductors. In addition to details on near-surface resistivity and carrier profiles, this paper discussed the impact of very high doping levels on  carrier mobility profiles in this material system. The degradation of mobility can be quantified as a function of depth and can be correlated to the the dopant levels as provided by SIMS.

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