ALP ECS PRiME Presentation on Sub-nm Near-Surface Activation Profiling for Highly Doped Si and Ge Using Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) (ECS PRiME, Oct 2020)
October 15, 2020
Invited paper: Characterization of Annealing and Dopant Activation Processes Using Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) (239th ECS, May 2021)
April 14, 2021
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Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) featured on the cover of EDFA magazine – the renowned failure analysis resource

Scotts Valley, CA Dec 10, 2020 ALP was invited to publish in the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society’s EDFA magazine’s Nov 2020 issue. The article covers the application of Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) to ohmic contact engineering in ultra-shallow n-type Silicon and n-type Germanium and, high-mobility channel engineering in p-type SiGe.

DHEM provides sub-nm resolution resistivity, mobility and, carrier concentration profiles of semiconductors. This complete electrical data-set is needed to fully understand the impact of process changes on the electrical behavior of semiconductor materials like Si, Ge, SiGe and, III-Vs. This data can be used to troubleshoot and optimize semiconductor processes, and develop new processes.

The article can be found here: